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I liek chocolate milk.

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But this time will be different, I promise (maybe)

So I have yet again started a blog or similar site, promised updates, and delivered absolutely nothing for over 6 months. I am nothing if not reliable. But now, between the incredibly handy Prose Editor, and the obscenely easy workflow that GitHub Pages provides, I think I might have a better shot using a new strategy. I rarely have the attention span required to actually write an article, especially about things that I’ve long since forgotten most of the details of (cough, Stripe CTF, cough). So rather than approaching writing posts on here as sort of long essays requiring work spread across multiple days, I’ll start using this as more of a log of all the interesting junk I run into on a vaguely daily basis. Problems I encountered along with solutions both elegant and duct-tape-based, interesting things I find on the internet or in the always terrifying IRL, or even just random things I’m thinking about.

So be prepared, many readers, for a surge of short posts containing ramblings about things you probably don’t care about. Because, as everyone knows, the most useful metric for measuring the worth of a person’s life is the sum of all blog posts they’ve written, multiplied by the number of likes/upvotes/retweets/Academy Awards earned by each post.