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I liek chocolate milk.

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If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know that I like to run and I’m trying to do more of it these days. You would know this, because the Nike+ Running app I use to track distance, time, and pace of my runs likes to force-feed your news feed with all the same details whether I ask it to or not. You might assume that disabling the automatic sharing options in the app preferences, along with never opening the “SHARE THIS RUN!” pane would result in my runs never being shared. But you would be completely wrong. Idiot. You obviously have no idea how the Nike Social Marketing strategy works.

In my quest to acquire miles, I am also looking for new and exciting variations on my usual routes as permutations of: “run to the river”, “run back from the river”, and “run around the river in circles.” So I turned of course to my usual friend in such situations, the Internet. In doing so, I have discovered a spectacular website providing a crowdsourced list of running and walking routes. I won’t name the siter here, but I will show off some of it’s greatest wonders, such as:

Free Healthcare Covers Shin Splints, Right?:

800 mile walk into Canada


The Impossible Polygon:

Impossible 13 mile run map

Doc Brown

Maybe I’ll try a different website.